These are the competition rules governing all Met Council Autocross Series events.  These rules are also utilized for all events hosted by Minnesota Autosports Club.

These rules are referenced in the Met Council Autocross Rules for car classing.

This index is utilized for some car classes, as identified in the Met Council Autocross Rules.

These rules apply only to events hosted by Minnesota Autosports Club.

Minnesota Autosports Club (MAC) maintains a list of reserved numbers for use at MAC and Met Council autocross events. If you want to reserve a number, or if you have questions, suggestions, or problems with the numbers process, please contact Jeff Rye at

Number reservations follow the calendar year. At the end of each year we identify unused numbers and return them to the available pool. We post a list of these numbers in mid-December on the Minnesota Autosports Club forum. If your number is about to be reclaimed, you can email Jeff to keep it for another year. Then, at the start of each year, we conduct a lottery where you can request numbers that are being returned to the pool. This gives everyone a fair chance at prized numbers. Instructions for entering the lottery will be posted in the forum.

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