Met Council Autocross Series

General Series Rules

Member Clubs of Met Council annually sponsor an Autocross series. Participation in four (4) of six (6) scheduled events will be required to qualify for series awards. The Met Council reserves the right to change the required number of events during the season, if necessary. All qualifying drivers will receive awards. Points will be counted for exactly the required number of events. Drivers who compete in more than the required number of events will have their best scores counted.  Points are awarded based on the formula: Points = Class Winning Time multiplied by 100 divided by Your Time, with the result rounded to the nearest thousandth of a point. The class-winning driver will receive 100.000, while others will receive fewer points (example: 98.146). Each driver will be awarded points for the car's actual Met Council class, not a trophy class to which the car may have been bumped at an individual event.

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