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CVSCC is an organization with over 45 years of history based in the Chippewa Valley (Eau Claire / Chippewa Falls, WI).  As a car club, CVSCC hosts and attends various auto related events, but also have a number of social events. Some past events include: road rally (timed distance), autocross, cruise & dine, car shows, ice races, pro kart racing, factory/business tours, socials etc. The club also tries to make a difference in the community by holding fund raisers for auto-related charities, including the Chippewa Valley Technical College automotive program.


COM was formed in 1960 by a small group of Corvette owners and enthusiasts. From the beginning, the only requirement for member has been an enthusiastic interest in Corvettes. Early events included rallies and autocrosses. Most COM members are current or former Corvette owners, however Corvette ownership is not a requirement for membership.  Corvettes of Minnesota has been a member of the Metropolitan Council of Sports Car Clubs since the early days of the organization, and of the National Council of Corvette Clubs for over twenty years.  COM contributes each year to the Minnesota Parkinson Foundation, and NCCC raises funds nationally for the National Kidney Foundation.


MAC is a non-profit, volunteer organization, focused on providing safe and affordable autosports opportunities to amateur drivers.  MAC is the largest organizer of autocross events in Minneapolis/Saint Paul and  surrounding areas.  MAC’s roots date back to the late 1940’s, and the club has conducted the annual MOWOG Autocross Series for nearly 40 years.  MAC provides a wide variety of driver education activities, including Novice, Intermediate and Advanced schools. MAC contributes to select causes and driver education through the Paul Weidner Memorial Fund.


Founded in 1959, Nord Stern is a group of Porsche enthusiasts from the Minnesota and western Wisconsin areas. Nord Stern includes hundreds of members who own Porsches from 356’s to Carrera GT’s to factory race cars, as well as the latest Cayennes, Boxsters, Caymans, and 911’s.  Nord Stern organizes a wide variety  of activities ranging from competitive racing to social get togethers.  Although many Porsches go in the garage for winters, Nord Stern stays active through social and educational events throughout the year.


LOL is one of the longest-standing SCCA regions in existence, covering Minnesota, South Dakota, and Northwestern Wisconsin.  LOL has a rich tradition in a wide variety of motorsports, including Road Racing, Road Rally, Performance Rally, Rallycross, Autocross and High Performace Driving Events.  LOL offers   an annual schedule of autocross events through the Sports Car Club of LaCrosse (SCCLAC), an LOL affiliate.


SCM is a Minneapolis/Saint Paul-based non-profit organization focused on the enjoyment and fellowship engendered by owning a Chevrolet Corvette.  SCM engages in social activities and competitive events, facilitates the sharing and exchanging of technical/mechanical information, and promotes mutually beneficial relations with manufactures, dealers and service providers.


TCRC is a motorsports community focused on organizing and promoting road rally in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The goal is to provide an enjoyable motoring experience and have fun. No special equipment or vehicle is needed to achieve this. If you enjoy driving your car on country roads , join our community.

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